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Cockrell & Campbell, P.C. provides a diverse range of legal services and assistance to clients in Chesterfield, SC and the nearby communities. Though we specialize in an array of practice areas, our attorneys’ refined skills and capabilities are sound across each practice area, meaning you’ll receive the same level of quality legal services no matter what your needs are.

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Auto Accidents
If you find yourself in the craze of an accident, Cockrell & Campbell, P.C. can be your voice while handling the legal and insurance practicalities with your case. In the event that you’ve suffered serious injuries, we’ll be the team that gives you the justice you deserve. Your first step should be contacting our firm.
Criminal Defense
Facing a criminal charge can be detrimental to every aspect of your life. When involved with a case that holds severity, you need a proficient team who has your best interest at heart. We’ll do everything in our power to protect you against the harsh consequences that can produce lifelong effects from a criminal conviction.
Workers Compensation
Have you been injured in a job incident? Well, then you need to apply for workers compensation so you receive the optimal benefits from the workmen’s compensation insurance carrier. With the help of our team of attorneys, you’ll understand what you are entitled to, regardless of if you have a workplace accident or a medical condition as a result of your job.
Personal Injury
We can’t control the environment around us, which is why it’s useful to have a team of defenders who will seek the compensation you deserve. It does not matter if you have slipped and fallen, have been bitten by a dog, victim of a hit and run, or used a defective product, you have the right to receive the compensation you deserve.
Family Law
Any family law case can be troubling for all members of the family or parties involved. At Cockrell & Campbell, P.C. we understand that every side has a story to tell, and we’re here to help you share it by learning all of the details of your case. The more we know, the better the chances are for a favorable outcome. Contact our team today if you are faced with a case that involves your family.
Social Security Disability
Navigating the Social Security Administration while experiencing a physical or mental condition can be a daunting task. Our team will focus on your claim so you can focus on living the best life you can. We have helped many residents in the area with their disability cases and seen equally as many successful outcomes. Get in touch with our practice today for our assistance.
Real Estate
Buying or selling a property is a major change in your life, regardless of the circumstances. It is best to have the assistance of a highly skilled team in the real estate realm by your side. We offer a long list of legal services that will make the buying or selling process easier. Our attorneys can handle short sales, attend closings, and provide title insurance.
Product Liability and Defective Products
Defective products are responsible for thousands of injuries a year. When a defective product has caused injury or damage, it’s important to know who is liable for placing the product on the market. Although there is no federal product liability law, we will work under the state’s statutes and codes to provide you with the fair compensation you deserve.
Are you and and another party struggling to resolve a dispute, but don’t want to step inside a courtroom? We can serve as a neutral, third party, and initiate strong healthy communication tactics so that decisions can be made in a cohesive manner.
Election Law
There are many ethical considerations when it comes to elections. We offer our services with all aspects of government. From federal, state, and local government and campaign, we ensure that no voice is too small when it comes to the representation of communities and its people.
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